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Official Schedule

21:00 - 01:15 (Saturday)

Countdown party
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Missions are expected to go online between 00:00 and 01:00 AM

Kortumstr. 15
44787 Bochum

10:00 - 11:00

Meet & Greet
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11:00 - 11:15

Group Picture
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11:15 - 16:00

Xplore Bochum together through missions

16:00 - 18:00

Registration of completed missions
You need to complete 12 or more missions in order to get a badge

Checkin Location
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Kortumstr. 15
44787 Bochum


We provide a missionmap in Gmaps with badgepreview and missionroutes.

Mission Map
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Badge Overview

August Bebel Platz



Bochumer Verein

Botanischer Garten

Chinesischer Garten

Deutsches Bergbau-Museum



Geologischer Garten

Hochbunker Zentralmassiv





Liebfrauenkirche Altenbochum







Ruhr Uni Bochum


Schlosspark Weitmar

Stadtgarten Wattenscheid


Starlight Express

Szene der Jobsiade

Zeche Holland


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Public Transport

The Bochum Welcome Card is one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to experience Bochum
With the Bochum Welcome Card you get many discounts at cultural and recreational facilities, in retail and in the catering industry. In addition, the card includes the free use of public transport within Bochum.
The Bochum Welcome Card consists of two parts, the transit authority and the booklet with coupons. You get it as an individual or as a group (up to five people) for 24, 48 and 72 hours.

24h 12 €
24 €
48h 17 €
34 €
72h 22 €
44 €

TagesTicket (Day Ticket)

TagesTicket: With the new TagesTicket, single passengers or groups of up to five people can travel on the bus and train for the entire day, and up until 3 a.m. the following day.
In Bochum you need "Preisgruppe A"

1 Person 6,70 €
2 Persons 9,90 €
3 Persons 13,10 €
4 Persons 16,30 €
5 Persons 19,50 €

For public transport / timetables use

Here are some exemplary connections

Bochumer Verein to August-Bebel-Platz
station Jacob-Meyer-Str. / Jahrhunderhalle to station August-Bebel-Platz
Straßenbahn Linie 302, direction Gelsenkirchen Buer Rathaus, 15 minutes

Bochum Schauspielhaus to Haus Weitmar
station Schauspielhaus to station Haus Weitmar
Straßenbahn 318 direction Bochum Dahlhausen, 8 minutes
OR Straßenbahn 308 direction Hattingen Mitte, 8 minutes

Haus Weitmar to Eisenbahnmuseum
station Haus Weitmar to station Eisenbahnmuseum Bochum
Straßenbahn 308 direction Hattingen Mitte to station Am Röderschacht
CHANGE to bus 358  directon Eberberger Straße to stop Am Ruhrort, 38 minutes
Straßenbahn 308 direction Hattingen Mitte to station Nevelstraße
CHANGE to bus 357 direction Eiberger Straße to stop Am Ruhrort, 36 minutes

Geogarten to Malakowturm / Ruhr Uni
station Waldring to station Markstraße (Malakowturm) /  Ruhr Uni (Ruhr Uni)
U-Bahn U35 direction Bochum Hustadt, 9 minutes / 11 minutes

Starlight Express to Ruhr Park
station Vonovia Ruhrstadion to stop Brücke Ruhrpark
Straßenbahn Straßenbahn 318 direction Bochum Schürbankstr. to station Rottmannstr.
CHANGE to bus 336 direction Dortmund Lütgendortmund, 19 minutes

Liebfrauenkirche Bochum to Matrix Bochum
stop Altenbochum Kirche to stop Elsterstr.
bus 345 direction Bochum Knappschafts-Krankenh., 24 minutes


If you are arriving by car, your car needs to have a green "Feinstaubplakette" in order to be allowed to enter the city center. You can buy it at tank stops, e.g.

Low-emission Map
Parking Map



» spontaneous use (registration neccessary)
» return at any metropolradruhr station
» 30min = €1, 24h = €9
» up to 4 bikes rentable per person, special options for groups

Radstation am Hauptbahnhof

» €8-10 rent per day
» €50 deposit
» small number of bikes, please reserve

(e.g. at Jahrhunderthalle)

» bikes can be used with and without reservation
» returnable at any RevierRad Station (2 in Bochum, +€4)
» 2h = €6, one day €9-12

e-motion technologies

» E-bikes
» closed on sunday, rent for several days possible, please reserve
» starting at €25 per day

Where to stay

Youth hostel Bochum
from €34,50 Pers/Night

BOLA KulturHostel
from €23 Pers/Night
(a bit off the center)

Hotel*Hostel Aleppo
from €24 Pers/Night
(near German Mining Museum)

Bogata - Bochumer Gaeste- & Tagungshaus
from €32 Pers/Night
(farther outside)

LSI Bochum
from €37 Pers/Night
(near Ruhr Uni Bochum)



Björn K alias @TerenceKill
Mara A. alias @Bayundra


Der Dom alias @Serocool
Sebastian Wegstein alias @TheHessian


We want to thank the Bochum Marketing GmbH and - the official Internet presentation of the city of Bochum for their kind support with preparing the event, especially in the allocation of the images.

Special thanks to the ingress communities in Nürnberg and Aachen for their great support.

This event is kindly supported by the following companies:
RuhrPix Shop

Kult Bochum

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